Cruelty free shopping

Two of the best ways you can help animals are:

  1. Stop buying products that have been tested on them
  2. Stop eating them!

Dirty Vegan BurgerAnimal friendly products are in just about every shop nowadays and major supermarkets have a good choice on offer. Of course there are smaller independent shops that are exclusively animal-friendly, and these are the best places to patronise but not every town is fortunate to have one of these.



Animals are used to test toiletries, cosmetics and household products as well as a whole host of other products in unimaginably cruel ways. Rather than doing without there are a wonderful range of outlets that sell cruelty-free and so there isn’t any excuse for not buying them. As mentioned on our about us page Naturewatch and Cruelty Free International have resourced the best cruelty-free shopping for you and guides to support your new shopping ethics. A few of the more well-known outlets are listed below.

The Co-op supermarket - all own brand toiletries, cosmetics and household products.

Sainsbury's – all own brand cosmetics and toiletries but not household products, yet.

Marks and Spencer- own brand toiletries and cosmetics.

Lush - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Astonish - products found in many £1 shops and other outlets such as Wilkinsons and Sainsbury's.

Honesty Cosmetics – online cruelty-free shop - an excellent resource.

Stop animal testingFaith In Nature - toiletries and household products.

Bio–D - through Honesty and a number of other online outlets and independent health food stores.

Earth Friendly Products - Natural green cleaning products made from plants.

Method Products – available in Co-op’s and Sainsbury's.

Suma Co-operative suppliers - Wholesaler and Distributor of Vegetarian, Organic and Fairtrade foods + Eco-friendly and natural products.

Big Green Smile - Organic Lifestyle, Natural Beauty, Baby & Cleaning Products

Lembas (Sheffield) - Speciality vegetarian wholefoods


Stop Eating Animals

Dog on a plateWe are brought up to believe that eating animals is OK and generally we believe what we are told when we are young. However when we stop and think and then read the information that is out there and watch the videos that brave people have taken in vile factory farms and slaughter houses, then we become aware that it is anything but OK to eat animals.

We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers spending millions on our ‘pets’ every year but then why does so much cruelty take place?

Maybe you have never thought about the cruelty you are involved in when eating a bacon sandwich or chicken nugget. We ask you to please think about it and ask yourself this question:

"If you wouldn’t eat your pets why on earth would we eat a pig or chicken or any other animal?"

We believe we used to eat animals and that people continue to do so, because we were brought up that way – so please break the mould and stop and think for yourself.

STOP AND THINK FOR YOURSELF! - “It is not OK to eat a dog and it is not OK to eat a hen.”

Animal Aid have some excellent resources in order to help you to become animal friendly and we have some brilliant links to recipes on our website.

Take it one day at a time and enjoy your new animal-free diet


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