About us

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is based in Mid Wales and is the collaboration of two individuals who care very much about protecting all animals and the environment in which we live. We are dedicated to making a difference to the lives of the animals we rescue, in addition to this, we educate and influence people through our compassionate and ethical message.


Re-homing/new adopters

If you would like to re-home any of our animals then we will carry out a home check and you will be required to fill in an re-homing form. You can also adopt an animal from us, however, all animals will remain under Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue's care. We will of course take animals back into our care should any circumstance change to the detriment of the animals' well-being. Please contact us for information or if you are concerned about an animal or wish to hand over your animal into our care.


We live our lives according to our ideals and make sure that we do not hurt any living creature in the process. We always use animal-friendly products and do not eat any animals or their products.

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Naturewatch Compassionate
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Love Animals? 
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Cruelty Free International

The animals we rescue are left to their own devices and freedom as much as possible, which they obviously enjoy. Our lake and stream are home to a huge variety of invertebrates and the surrounding trees and fields are home to many birds and mammals which we value enormously.


We hope you will appreciate all that we are trying to do to make this world a kinder place for the animals who cannot speak for themselves and also try and do something today to protect all animals who deserve our help.

We very much look forward to hearing from you and gaining your support.

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Please Donate

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue needs constant financial support to continue their vital work helping animals, so please support us by making a donation today.

Your donation to our w.w.w. project will be tripled

Never Forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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