Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is based in Mid Wales and is the collaboration of two individuals who care very much about protecting all animals and the environment in which we live. We are dedicated to making a difference to the lives of the animals we rescue, in addition to this, we educate and influence people through our compassionate and ethical message.

Re-homing/new adopters

If you would like to re-home any of our animals then we will carry out a home check, you can also adopt an animal from us. Please contact us for information or if you are concerned about an animal or wish to hand over your animal into our care.

We live our lives according to our ideals and make sure that we do not hurt any living creature in the process. We always use animal-friendly products and do not eat any animals or their products.

We hope you will appreciate all that we are trying to do to make this world a kinder place for the animals who cannot speak for themselves and also try and do something today to protect all animals who deserve our help.

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue needs constant financial support to continue our vital work helping animals, so please support us by making a donation today.

Saving the life of one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world of that particular animal - Forget-Me-Not abides by that attitude.

Our work

news and events

Latest news and events

In this section, you can read our latest news and find out if we are attending an event in your area. You can also keep up to date via oue Twitter and Facebook pages.

support us

Support us

There are many ways in which you can support us financially, which in turn enables us to continue our vital work here at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.


Thinking of rehoming?

Many of the animals in our care have been nursed back to health and are looking for new and loving homes, can you help?

why rescue

Why Rescue?

Rescuing animals is a full time job and sadly at times can be heartbreaking - please don't buy from a pet shop or breeder always rescue an animal: be part of the solution not part of the problem.

Advice on animals

Advice on animals

If you would like more information then our fact sheets are there to offer support and advice to new owners or if you are considering a rescue animal from Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.



We receive may requests for advice from all over the world please check out our education pages and if you want someone to carry out a talk in your school please do not hesitate to ask and we will gladly try and help.