Our Aims and Objectives

  • We are dedicated to rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and caring for all animals
  • Training and educating particularly children, about sound animal care and welfare, this is of paramount importance; we will provide activities on a wide range of animal topics aimed at informing, advising, educating and enabling participants to develop their knowledge of animals. Alongside this we will provide projects for schools to allow children to learn about and care for animals
  • We always try to make sure that wild animals are released back into a safe environment and that pets and farm animals are fully assessed, treated and looked after for the rest of their lives either in our care or in the care of their new adopters.
  • Work for political, local, national and international policy changes relating to the improvement of all animal welfare issues
  • Co-operate with like-minded organisations to promote animal welfare
  • To raise sufficient funds to facilitate the achievement of our stated aims


At Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue we are privileged to live in a beautiful part of Wales and share our home with a huge range of wildlife some of them on the protected species list. We have aims and objectives to help protect our tiny part of Wales.

  • Play a role in conserving the flora and fauna of Wales; to help conserve habitats and to keep a watchful eye on potential threats and illegal activities
  • Provide safe, controlled environments for plant and animal species from reptiles and birds to mammals and insects
  • Build up our knowledge on wildlife habitats
  • Collaborate with local, national and international organisations on wildlife protection and habitat improvement.

Environmental Policy

At Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue we care very much about the environment that we all share and happily try and minimise the impact we have on it.

This Policy applies to all of the work that we are involved with


  • We will aim to minimise the waste we produce by considering what we purchase, by procuring goods with minimal packaging and packaging which is recyclable.
  • We try and avoid purchasing products in polythene bags and aim to purchase food and products in recyclable paper sacks or provide our own.

Waste and Recycling

  • We recycle all of our waste such as cardboard, paper, glass and cans and tetra packs. We also compost all our organic waste.
  • All animal waste will be composted at the Rescue Centre and used on site to feed the pastures and growing areas.

Animal Feeds

We never knowingly purchases feeds that contain GMO's or animal by-products, we will aim to purchase food approved by the Vegetarian Society, with the exceptions of organic milk for raising young and organic meat products for true meat eating animals such as hedgehogs and certain birds.

Fertilisers and Pesticides

The pasture here, although not certified yet, is organic. Other than certified organic, no fertilizer or pesticide will be used to feed pasture or control weeds.


Please Donate

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue needs constant financial support to continue their vital work helping animals, so please support us by making a donation today.

Your donation to our w.w.w. project will be tripled

Never Forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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