Rescued hens

September 2011

Rescued hensIn September we went to rescue some ex-battery hens. As we helped to empty the crates of the hens one by one from the back of the van, it made us think about the millions of hens that are kept in tiny battery cages for their entire lives.

Taking rescued hens home is an experience I would want anyone who eats chicken or their eggs to witness, as they are truly remarkable individuals who let their personalities shine through even after a few days. At first of course they are scared and wary of everything and it can take time initially for them to become confident in their new surroundings.

We wish that there wasn’t a need to rescue any animals and that they lived free and happy lives without human interference, but until that day arrives we will continue to live a vegan life and do all we can to help people become aware of how amazing and truly individual ALL hens are who are so brutally treated by the farming system.

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