December 2017 Newsletter

December 2017

​​​​Plate up for the planetWe are giving away a free cotton bag, with a cruelty-free message (see image right), with every donation of £10 and above this year. We hope that this will encourage you to give to the animals and in return the bag is our way of saying thank you.

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A big thank you

Raven and FudgeWe would like to thank everyone who has adopted an animal from us this year and we appreciate your feedback and the pictures you have sent of them in their new homes with their new friends.

Please encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to also adopt from their local rescue as there are so many animals still killed each year due to the lack of space in rescues and due to the fact that sadly, people still buy from pet shops and breeders.

Many animals languish in cruel and unsuitable housing without any chance to stretch their legs and run free; from mice to rabbits, guinea pigs to chinchillas - all need space, warmth, freedom, care, exercise and good food.

We would also like to thank a few people and organisations in particular this year: David, Nicky B, Elaine, Elizabeth O, Sally, Samantha C, Thomas B, A.S.W.A., Animal Aid, The Vegan Society, Animal Equality and Naturewatch.

Welcome to our three long-term residents below: Banjo, Nugget and Sunny Jim

rescued rabbits

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Animals in our care

At present we have hens, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, goats, pigs and our two resident rescued dogs. During these colder months their feed and bedding costs rise, so if you feel able to donate to us - even if it is a one off - it is ALWAYS appreciated.

The four hens who were part of the sixteen we originally rescued (we still miss them all) celebrated their SIXTH anniversary FREE in September 2017. We bought them a cake that even had icing (Benevo Organic Vegan Dog Cake Mix) I had to actually make the cake and the icing but it was incredibly easy due to the packets they came in. The hens absolutely loved it especially the icing (no sugar involved at all) so much so they had to have two sittings as it was just too much in one go. They even let their 'friends' who live in a separate area of the rescue have some too, after all they had been free a year and a half.

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Compassionate and Cruelty-free Christmas

cruelty free logoWe know that not everyone who adopts an animal from us or who receives this newsletter, is aware of the fact that cosmetics, toiletries and household products are still tested on animals. Many of the everyday items from shampoo to washing powder that you use in your house could have been tested on animals. To make sure that you are buying gorgeous cruelty-free products (yes we include household products too) please see Naturewatch for their excellent compassionate shopping guide and Cruelty-free International

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Humane Research

More and more research charities are turning to animal-free research as their quest to find cures for the most dreadful diseases, that affect us and our loved ones, increases.

animal free scienceThis is such good news as there are still many charities who still use animals in the most diabolical ways. Scientifically this is not only outdated it is fundamentally flawed - would you head for the vets if your child was ill?

We are different species so the results can not be relied on - experiments can produce different results if carried out in the morning or the afternoon when (ab)using animals - their stress levels in laboratories affect results and as you can imagine their stress levels are always high.

The Humane Research Trust and Animal Free Research UK are two fabulous charities that fund non-animal research - please see Animal Aid's website for a comprehensive list of the good and bad charities.

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Thank you once again. From all of us here at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue we wish you a peaceful and compassionate Christmas and New Year


William our Kune Kune pig and long-term resident says 'Please have an animal free festive period - see 'Seven amazing vegan turkey alternatives to enjoy this Christmas'

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Gift Aid

Please don't forget to Gift Aid your donations as it is the only time we get free money from the government at no expense to yourselves; all you have to do is fill our Gift Aid form or simply email us stating your name and address and that you would like to Gift Aid all donations to Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.

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Please support Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

We do not receive any funding and are a non profit rescue our work helping animals is only made possible through the generous support and donations we receive. Please help fund our vital work to rescue animals and protect them from cruelty.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

Saving the life of one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world of that particular animal
Forget-Me-Not abides by that attitude.

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Never Forget

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue is in memory of all those animals we have been so fortunate to share our lives with and to those we have never met but have suffered and died in their millions.


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