December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016

Rescued rabbitRabbit hoarder - After hearing about another rescue having found 56 rabbits in a one bedroomed flat we offered to help. Rabbits are the third most popular companion animal in the UK but sadly this leads to worse welfare NOT better. It is still far too easy to visit a pet shop or breeders and buy a rabbit with little or hardly any thought for what they really need.

Please rescue an animal and make the world of difference. Please see our fact sheets or email for further information on rabbit and guinea pig care.

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Wildlife rescue on the increase - Whilst we primarily take on rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, sheep, goats and pigs we have recently been inundated with wildlife injuries from wood pigeons to pheasants; hedgehogs to foxes.

injured fox in a snareAlarmingly the use of snares seems to be on the increase and we have been called to several cases where if we hadn't intervened the animal would have starved to death or chewed through their own limb in order to free themselves.

Sadly, many of the animals we are called out to are beyond help but we are glad we could be there to bring an end to their suffering which would have been prolonged if we hadn't stepped in.

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Hens are now the SIXTH most popular companion animal in the UK and we are hoping this will improve the lack of knowledge that vets have at this present time. If you can spare a moment please email the Royal College of Veterinary surgeons and ask that they make it compulsory for all trainee vets to study hens in their homes or a truly free range farm, organic if possible (and add that you definitely don't want them studied in a laboratory) so that the standard of care and treatment for these incredible creatures is raised considerably.

For details of how to rehome these magical creatures please see: British Hen Welfare Trust and Fresh Start For Hens

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cake stallOn Wednesday 30th November Aberystwyth University's own Vegetarian and Vegan Society held a Cruelty-free Cake Sale.

They raised a much needed amount of £55.60.

Many thanks from all of us here at FMNAR, especially the animals

To Tori, Meg, Noah, Joe and the rest of the group please keep up the great work you are all doing, it does make all the difference.

The Aberystwyth University's Vegetarian and Vegan Society Facebook page is

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Cruelty free christmasOn Saturday 10th December 2016 Shropshire Veggies and Vegans are hosting their fourth Cruelty Free Christmas Fair and Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue will be having a stall there.

There will be lots of festive stalls to choose your presents from and a lovely compassionate atmosphere at The Wightman, 14A The Square, Shrewsbury, SY1 1LN.

The event is FREE to get in.

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A Compassionate Christmas Without Cruelty is SO easy.

Incredible gifts of cosmetics, toiletries (household products too but maybe not as a Christmas gift) are so easy to find nowadays and animal-free food is everywhere.

xmas presentsBelow are our top places to buy from online but of course your local independent wholefood shops and supermarkets should have cruelty-free products available too:

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West Midlands Vegan Fayre - We would like to thank Kevin White for his support and to all the kind companies that donated their products so west midland vegan festivalthat we could raise vital funds and to all those who supported us on the day.

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A thank you to all our Trustees - We very much appreciate our trustees and would like to say a special thank you to David our treasurer and to Elaine for her constant support.

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Gift Aid

Please don't forget to Gift Aid your donations as it is the only time we get free money from the government at no expense to yourselves; all you have to do is fill our Gift Aid form or simply email us stating your name and address and that you would like to Gift Aid all donations to Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue.

Please support Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

We do not receive any funding and are a non profit rescue our work helping animals is only made possible through the generous support and donations we receive. Please help fund our vital work to rescue animals and protect them from cruelty.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

Saving the life of one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world of that particular animal
Forget-Me-Not abides by that attitude.

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