December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014

We would like to express our thanks to those who have donated much needed funds and precious time to us this year – without YOU ALL we wouldn’t be able to help the animals that so desperately need our help.

CloverContinued support comes from David, Mary, Andrew and Stuart - love and thanks to you all.

Elaine - your support, in so many ways, is invaluable and is always very gratefully received.

Gaia Creams – your products are yummy, cruelty-free and the personalised touch is very special

A big thanks also goes to Elizabeth Orr for your continued support.

Many thanks to an amazing supporter who rang us to say they didn’t want any personal recognition for their generosity, we hope you see this so you know how grateful we are.

Special thanks go to all the animals we have rescued and re-homed this year – you teach us something new everyday x

Autumn/Winter 2014

This year has been a quite different and very busy year for us as now we are more settled and have been around for a few years we are finding more and more people contacting us via email wanting us to take their unwanted animals, help wildlife and just sometimes wanting more advice on looking after the animals in their care.

SnugglesThe most unusual phone call we have received this year was one asking us for advice on what to do with a baby otter (pup) found wandering on a golf course next to a river! Our advice was to leave the pup alone and see if the mother would come back – we are pleased to report she did and also that our advice was the same as Iolo Williams (famous Welsh wildlife expert) as they had telephoned him as well!

More and more people are wanting to give up their rabbits which is so sad. They are bought almost always on a whim from a pet shop and then they are cast aside once the novelty has worn off. Rabbits need A LOT of space; in the wild they have ‘an area that is their territory, and of about the size of 32 tennis courts therefore a hutch and a small run is NOT enough. We ask people to think long and hard about adopting a neutered rabbit (at least two as they are social animals).

Thankfully we do have people who are responsible and caring and prepared to give their time and space to adopt. One such rabbit (Snuggles - pic above) was a very skinny and scared one that arrived with us after having been neglected. She is now in a loving home with a neutered boyfriend.


batA most unusual rescue was a bat that was found stunned in a hen run! Thankfully the hens hadn’t found the bat (sadly they would have killed it as they are quite the predator if the opportunity arises) and the lady contacted us and we went to see what we could do. It turned out to be the U.K’s largest bat, the Noctule. We advised putting the bat in a large flowerpot turned on it’s side in a safe part of the garden and to wait until dusk to see if the bat would return to it’s roost. The bat managed to climb up and hang by one of the drainage holes at the bottom of the flowerpot which was amazing to see. Once dusk arrived the bat flew off (we stayed to make sure this happened as there weren’t any signs of injury) so must have thankfully just been stunned. The homeowner reports seeing the bat and friends flying over her pond every night since!

A Compassionate Christmas is SO easy

See compassionate lifestyle for more ways to live a kind life. There are so many cruelty-free gifts to buy, animal - free research to support, recipes to be enjoyed, clothes to buy and places to visit; circuses and zoos NOT included.

We have several new projects planned for next year which include our 'Pig Project' which will be run alongside our protection of the local environment especially when it comes to releasing wild animals called; "Flying Home." These will be substantial projects that will be seen as long-term and of course any funding will be welcome - we do not get any government or charity commission help despite being a registered charity and still rely on fantastic supporters to help us.

Two easy ways to fundraise are through Easysearch and Easyfundraising - both of these are on our website and once up and running are 'easy' to use.

Easysearch becomes your default search engine using us to raise money for (you have to choose us from the list that they have) and we receive approximately 1/2 pence per search which does add up when you search away for things on the internet.

Easyfundraising: this is something to remember when buying items online. Many companies have chosen to give a small percentage of their profits to charity (and again you have to make sure we are the charity of your choice) and so when buying you can look up to see if the company you want to buy something from is on their list - or just put the item you are looking for in their search box and see what appears!

Compassionate Lifestyle

Animals suffer on a daily basis in laboratories, factory farms, fur farms, circuses, marine parks, bullfighting rings, hunted, in the pet trade etc etc and it's so easy to get downhearted but living a compassionate lifestyle is so easy nowadays that each of us can make sure that we are doing all we can to help; please share how easy it is with family, friends and strangers!!


Now that the weather has become colder we bought in our winter bedding of hay and straw last week, hopefully it will last us but that obviously depends on the number of animals we rescue and how cold it gets.

If you would like to make a donation to our winter feed/ bedding appeal then please make a donation today, the animals and ourselves would be very grateful.

We would also like to thank all the animals who have passed through our rescue, remain here permanently or who are awaiting their new and loving home. They have all taught us something new and benefited our lives.

For all your cruelty free vegan shopping needs please use Gaia Creams and Shop Vegan.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

Saving the life of one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world of that particular animal
Forget-Me-Not abides by that attitude.

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