Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide

July 2017

Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide

Shopping selectively shows you care

Despite living in the 21st century, many companies selling cosmetic, household and pet care products still deliberately inflict pain and torture on defenceless animals.

Through making informed choices you can use your purchasing power to only support companies that have committed to using cruelty-free ingredients.

Why compromise when you can use the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide to find cruelty-free alternatives for friends and family? You could even discover a new favourite!

Money isn’t everything – or is it?

Our endorsement criteria is very strict as we also take into consideration the policy of parent companies. If a parent company doesn’t have a cruelty-free policy in place, then its brands and any subsidiary companies won’t be endorsed by us – even if they claim to be cruelty-free and are endorsed by other organisations.

The latest edition includes:

  1. 165 endorsed personal care/cosmetic companies and brands
  2. 34 endorsed household cleaning product companies and brands
  3. Over 1000 companies and brands to AVOID
  4. A NEW Pet Care section!

Order your copy today!

UPDATES: If you already have a copy of the 14th edition of the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide and would like to find out about newly-endorsed companies, please click here.

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