Animal Aid's Christmas Fayre 2012

Aberystwyth Uni Vegetarian and Vegan Society fundraising event

December 2016

On Wednesday 30th November Aberystwyth University's own Vegetarian and Vegan Society held a RAG Cruelty-free Cake Sale.

They raised a much needed amount of £55.60.

Many thanks from all of us here at FMNAR, especially the animals for the hard work in doing the cake sale.

Also thanks for your very kind donation, it is always lovely to have people like you all supporting us​ and we very much appreciate it.

To Tori, Meg, Noah, Joe and the rest of the group please keep up the great work you are all doing, it does make all the difference.

The Aberystwyth University's Vegetarian and Vegan Society Facebook page is

forget-me-not flower

The stall outside the Student Union shop

The cake stall outside the Student Union shop

member promoting the event

A member promoting the event

forget-me-not flowers

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